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Expanding Medicaid - Fully Implementing the Affordable Care Act  - Moral Monday Georgia calls on Governor Deal to expand Medicaid. Georgia should take advantage of new federal funding to expand Medicaid in 2014 to boost Georgia’s economy and create tens of thousands of new jobs, all while extending health coverage to 650,000 Georgians.  Learn More.


Repeal Stand Your Ground - Return Commonsense Self-Defense - Moral Monday Georgia calls on the General Assembly to repeal Georgia's so-called Stand Your Ground laws.  Georgia should return to more traditional notions of self-defense.  Learn More.




Fix the Formula of the Voting Rights Act - Universal Coverage - Moral Monday Georgia calls on the Governor; state legislators; and the congressional delegation to support federal legislation to fix the formula of the Voting Rights Act.  Preventing Racial Discrimination in the exercise of the franchise is fundamental to making real the promises of democracy.  Learn More.


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About Moral Monday Georgia


Moral Monday Georgia is a multiracial, multi-issue coalition of citizens working for positive change for the public good.  Modeled on the North Carolina NAACP's HKonJ / Forward Together Movement led by North Carolina NAACP's President Rev. Dr. William Barber; Moral Monday Georgia is broad based coalition of progressive organizations who have come together for such a time as this.  For too long, many elected officials in Georgia have ignored the moral implications of their actions and inactions with respect to the neediest among us. Our coalition stands against all forms of discrimination and amplifies the voices and ideas of folks in marginalized circumstances.


Together we are building the collective voice of the people to be heard over the voices of big business, corrupt money and repressive government by fighting for legislative and public policy issues to improve ordinary people’s lives. In practice, we seek to contribute to the creation of a more just and peaceful society where dialogue, debate and discussion prevail, and will work to achieve consensus in our group without silencing minority voices.

Our 2015 Advocacy Agenda